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Keep your food fresh and ditch the plastic with BEE'S WRAP bestselling Botanical assorted three (3) pack. Featuring a small, medium, and large wrap, there's a size for every job in the kitchen. Half a lemon to store? Small is your answer. Medium is the workhorse of the pack, perfect for wrapping cheese, avocados, and larger fruit. You'll love the large wrap for packing sandwiches and covering dishes.

Bee's Wraps are:

  • reusable
  • compostable
  • plastic & silicone free
  • set of two sizes

Assorted 3 Pack contains:
1 x Small Wrap (7" x 8")
1 x Medium Wrap (10" x 11")
1 x Large Wrap (13" x 14")

Wrap: Use the warmth of your hands to shape Bee's Wrap around food, creating a protective, breathable seal.

  • Small Wrap (7" x 8"):
    Perfect for half a lemon, lime, avocado, or onion.
  • Medium Wrap (10" x 11"):
    Store cheese, bundle baked goods, pack snacks on the go.
  • Large Wrap (13" x 14"):
    Great for half a cabbage or watermelon and covering bowls and pie dishes.

Rinse: Hand-wash in cool water with mild dish soap, then air dry. Avoid exposure to heat and hot water to keep your Bee's Wrap in tip-top shape.

Reuse: Reuse for an entire year with regular use and good care. At the end of its life, Bee's Wrap can be composted or used as a natural fire starter.

Handmade in Vermont, USA by a Certified B Corporation with certified organic cotton, beeswax, organic plant oil, and tree resin.