Hand Painted Pomegranate Ornament Collection

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These beautifully crafted decorations truly reflect the Armenian tradition. Add a bit of individuality to your home decor with these hand-painted Armenian Pomegranate Ornaments. All patterns are from Armenian churches, monasteries, and cross-stones.

Yereqnuk Handicrafts make these beautifully hand-painted wooden ornaments at the Koghb Art School. This unique series features different chapel images inspired by Armenian manuscripts and architecture. The Koghb Art School aims to develop applied arts and create jobs. Many new and positive local initiatives are happening to help artisans market their handicrafts.

These items are handmade on wood. The ornaments you receive vary slightly from the product picture due to the nature of being 100% handmade. Made in Koghb, a border village in Tavush, Armenia.

Size & Materials:
Wood & Natural Yarn
3.5" round

Care: Carefully wipe clean with damp cloth.

Size | 2 PIECE SET